Allegri has admitted he does not know Paulo Dybala’s future

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Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri has admitted he does not know Paulo Dybala‘s future at the end of the season. Ready to confirm that there are no problems with the team

Allegri was only rumored to have had an argument with several of his players at the training ground on Friday. It’s the tension that builds on the elimination of the Champions League and a change in training schedule that has upset the players ufabet.

One of the players to argue with is Dybala, who is now the focus of a new contract. That seems unlikely to happen at all.

“The relationship with Paulo and all the players is still good. There was some exchange of opinions, that’s all. I’m quite frank. But I am doing this for the benefit of the players who already know that I have faith and appreciate them.”

“Paolo came from Palermo at a young age. He became a great footballer. There was no problem at all.”

“I don’t know if he will be a Juventus player (from July 1), that’s the club. We are in frequent talks with the clubs, not only with Paul, whose contract is about to expire, but also Bernardeschi, De Chilo, Perin and Cuadrado.”

“My job is to perform well in the last week of the season. I can assess the players. But when it comes to contracts what the players want It’s another element,” Allegri said.