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Online Gamecock This sport is consider a gambling that has been with Thai society for a long time. If we go back to the past There are gamecocks at every level. From the villagers’ level, bet on the shells. take money get gold If it is a noble or a king, there are bets with the country that has already appeared in history. 

Betting patterns or chicken comparisons have evolved much more advanced than before. Such as online gamecocks, because before they actually come into the field, apart from breed selection, rearing, and training, chicken comparison is consider. An important element that affects winning and losing as well.

Online Gamecock , which breed, why do you need to know!

If we talk about species It is considered the most important element that every chicken player must know. Although science has evolved a lot. And the breeding of chickens became more peculiar, difficult to classify. Therefore, people give priority to the rural community first. But the word can’t leave is how are your parents Children are always like that. If we know the origin and destination, it will allow us to analyze the advantages and disadvantages in the arena to some extent. If it is boxing See the teacher’s footsteps and see the students out there.

1. Burmese chicken

Burmese chicken is considered a popular breed in our chicken arena. It has a pointed face, bow tail, erect chest, black nails, is a chicken with a ram, nimble, agile, is an outer boxer. Waiting for a second stroke, is arme accurately and cunning. Considered complete, hard to hit, well survived. But the disadvantage is that the bone structure is quite small. Young roosters are not very sympathetic to give up easily.

However, nowadays the species has been develop to a great extent. Become a more balanced hybrid If we look at the million dollar chicken rankings More than half must have a mixed breed of Burmese, more or less, of course. Because the highlight of the Burmese chicken is a clever hit, a boxing rhythm, two out of the exact weapon itself.

2. Thai chickens, Online Gamecock

There are many species together, such as yellow-tailed white, black-tailed padauk, gray chicken and more than 10 species. Most of which are characterized by Long body, normal crest, normal white eyes, yellow shin, long tail, most people will think that Thai chickens are oriented chickens. Which can be subdivide into upper-footed, bundle, lower-footage, depending on the identity of the breed. Such as Choeng Trat chicken, Cherng Phanat chicken, Cherng Phanat chicken. Bang Khla Paed Riew, etc.

Most of the roosters are chickens that have a spangled technique. Find a square well There are many different stances. But there will be disadvantages in that the weapon is not heavy Good but not fake Sometimes you hit until your opponent has no way to fight. But you give up and stop hitting yourself. May cause investors to be upset. Because he almost always die in the end Let ‘s lift it up. 

3. Chicken Lao Pa Koi, Online Gamecock

It is a chicken that is mixed together in a confused way. Which it must go back to a long time ago Burmese chicken is spreading Announcing Sakdati Hit Thai Chicken Kai Muang in the north until it is impossible to go. It can be call unrivaled in that era that has it all. Thus causing the breeding of new breeds of chicken that is not clear to occur. Some say it’s Chanthaburi chicken. Mixed with city chicken. Some say mixed with Burmese chicken. Mixed together.

Because in those days, it was still popular with the ancient mix. That is, whichever chicken wins. It will be kept for breeding. But what is certain is originate from Ban Lao Pa Koi in Lamphun Province. Which is consider a Thai chicken that defeats the Burmese chicken until it’s stuck and can’t find its way back home in many fights. With an inner rooster Wherever you can catch, hit there, be agile, release a combo weapon.

If it’s boxing, you can imagine Burmese chicken as an outer boxing ring. Boxing focuses on punches. don’t like to go inside no knees with elbows He ran like a mule horse, waiting for the beat, but the wild koi walked, not choosing, both knees and body massages. In the end, the Burmese chickens were unable to escape. The weapon is not right. Therefore, the phenomenon of the million-dollar chicken The legendary fighting rooster champion named ” The Silver Fang ” at Aunt Ad Carabao, even unable to resist, carried a 5 million dowry to reach the ladder of the house.

​​This is just a part of the gamecock breed that is popular in our country only. I’m here to tell you all about the importance of chicken analogy. This is what the owner of the chicken usually sets before placing his chickens to bet. What kind of competitors would he like to choose? what species to suit their own chickens. It is the origin of the gamecock language known as Price advantage to get hit. It’s not a price comparison in order to get boiled.