Souness doesn’t see Bruno aas Captain Manchester United

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Former Liverpool midfielder Graeme Souness believes Bruno Fernandes is not suitable for the Manchester United captaincy due to leadership issues.

The Portugal star was chosen to captain the Red Devils under Erik ten Hag, as Harry Maguire was often a substitute . But many times, Bruno’s attitude and temperament has always been criticized and Souness considers it inappropriate for the position ufabet.

“Bruno Fernandes is not a leader, his attitude when the team were 3-0 down Liverpool was horrible. You wouldn’t want to be on the pitch with him,” Souness said.

“When you’re the captain of a football team It’s about being an example on and off the pitch. with a successful club You have to have good senior players and professionals.

“I looked at myself as I walked through the gates to Liverpool, how I had changed in the seven years I was there and how I was when I walked out. I wasn’t the best player when I walked through that door. But I learned from serious footballers and 7 years later when I became a senior. I like the idea that I am passing on that information.”

“In Bruno’s case, you see him as a star when you’re above the opposition and he’s a real talent. But that day he showed another side at Anfield, it was very bad.

“Erik ten Hag chose to overlook it because he knew Bruno would win games and score goals. But he will think next time Bruno faces a really difficult situation. Will he disappear? I think he already knows the answer.”