Suspected Juve fans Nedved shook his head as Dybala

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Juventus fans question why vice-president Pavel Nedved He shook his head after Paulo Dybala was remove and sent Moise Kean in instead.

Juventus’ 2-1 win over Cagliari on Saturday Massimiliano Allegri decided to withdraw Dybala from the pitch and send Keane on in the 81st minute. Then the picture is cut to Nedved in the stands. Who was clearly annoy and shaken. Head to see Sky Italia report that Nedved was annoy by Dybala and Keane’s substitutions.

Although Juventus and the vice-chairman claim it was another incident link in the same way as Alleg. Ri, who was interview after the game by the Bianconeri, laughed and replied that it was another occasion as well. There has been speculation that Nedved’s frustration has been direct at Dybala, who is leaving the ufabet club on a free transfer after his contract expires on June 30, or Keane is struggling with form. playing this season.

When Allegri was aske about the situation after the game. He simply laugh and suggest that it happened at another point, but many are unconvinc.

Many are now speculating whether Nedved’s frustration was aimed at the outbound Dybala. Who’ll be leaving on a free transfer in the summer. Or Kean, who has struggled to show his best in Turin this season.