Tajafico believes this summer transfer will be easie

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Nicolas Tajafico believes Ajax Amsterdam Will facilitate him to move easier this summer. Because the contract is only 12 months left.

Ajax Amsterdam left-back Nicolas Tajafico told TNT Sports on Monday there was an easier chance of a transfer in the summer. This After only 12 months left of the contract with the famous team, Windmill City.

Tajafico has been linked with several ufabet clubs, especially Barcelona. ​​But the transfer did not take place in January. Although the 29-year-old left-back will not be Erik ten Hag’s first choice, he has played in just 864 minutes of 23 games and has start just seven this season. The player sees the possibility of a transfer this summer easier as he has a contract until the summer of 2023.

‘I have a contract here until mid 2023, I have a year and a little more. I’m not excited But I show you what I feel You don’t have to keep it to yourself. Over time And now we have to think about what we are going through.’

‘There is interest (from Barcelona) clubs discussing. But they don’t make a deal. It’s complicate for the club at the moment. But I think in June It will definitely be easier,’ the Argentinian said.